Jing Xu

Jing Xu Professor, Ph.D. in Chem. Eng.
Born in Hei Longjiang (China) on Sep. 5 1974, Prof. Xu received her bachelor and masters degree in Chemical Engineering from Tianjin University in 1997 and 2003, respectively. After obtaining her PhD from National University of Singapore (Singapore) in 2009, she worked as a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Mark Saeys at National University of Singapore. She is professor of chemical engineering at East China University of Science and Technology since September 2014.

Research Interests:
1.Kinetics and mechanism study of catalytic reactions
Conversion of syngas to C2 oxygenate: kinetics and mechanism study.
Mechanism study of steam reforming over Ni-based catalysts.
Catalysts design and Mechanism study of Fisher-Tropsch synthesis.
2.Catalyst design using molecular simulation
Promoter and support design of conversion of syngas to C2 oxygenate.
Design of a promoter to enhance the stability of hydrocarbon reactions.
Efficient catalysts development for the electrooxidation of ethanol at room to moderate temperatures.
3.Operando surface spectroscopy
High pressure operando Raman.
In situ DRIFTS.

Selected Publications:

Contact Her:
Jing Xu, Professor
State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering,
East China University of Science and Technology,
Shanghai, Meilong Road 130, BOX 369#, 200237, People's Republic of China
Phone: (021)6425-1938
Fax: (021) 6425-3528
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