H2O group

h2oh2o reactor

Batch Reactors and Continuous Fixed-bed Reactor

High Pressure Reactor

Syngas Reactor

The high pressure reaction system for syngas conversion to low carbon oxygen compounds (alcohols, aldehydes and carboxylic acid)

1. Maximum reaction pressure up to 10MPa

2. Four influent gases controlled by mass flow-meter

3. 200-500mg catalyst loading

4. A 5mm inner-diameter and 300 mm long stainless-steel fixed-bed microreactor

5. Equipped with an online GC and an offline GC.

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H2O2 synthesis Reactor

UV-Vis and on-line GC
Tri-phase reactor and low-temperature thermostatic water bath
UV-Vis and on-line GC
UV-Vis and on-line GC

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